Learn more about how to start your fundraiser.


Thank you for taking the first step towards hosting your own fundraiser in support of SickKids Foundation. Whether in-person or virtual, the funds raised from your event help world-renowned doctors, nurses, and researchers in the fight against childhood illness. Here you can fundraise for SickKids with the click of a button. By registering, you will get a custom fundraising page, plus access to promotional tools and fundraising tips.

1) Choose your Fundraising Theme:

Whether you’re an individual looking to host your own event, a group looking to fundraise with friends, or someone wanting to honour a loved one, starting your fundraiser is easy! Think of your hobbies, talents, and passions, and choose to:

Go Sporty ‐ Run, ride, stretch or score. And if you’re feeling social — or competitive— make it a tournament!
Go Seasonal ‐ The calendar's full of special days to fundraise
Go Celebrate ‐ Make your celebration even more special by fundraising for SickKids
Go Host a Sale ‐ Bake, barbecue, or make lemonade—and give the proceeds to SickKids
Go Your Own Way ‐ Honour a loved one, host your friends, fundraise your way
Go Company Fundraising* ‐ Fundraise with your colleagues, customers, and community
In Memory ‐ Create a SickKids donation page as a tribute to your loved one. Friends and family members can easily create an In Memory or Celebration of Life donation page to help your loved one’s legacy live on.

*Please Note: If you are a company looking to donate a percentage of sales or make a corporate gift, please e-mail to speak with one of our representatives to explore partnership opportunities.

2) Customize your Fundraising Page:

Once you’ve selected your fundraising theme and registered, your fundraising page will be created. Then, you’ll be directed to a personalized Fundraising Hub, where you can customize your page with a photo, optional fundraising goal, personal message, and more.
If you are hosting an event, you can find tools and resources to support your planning here.
If you are creating an In Memory donation page, you can find tools and resources to support you here.

3) Share your Fundraiser:

Share your fundraiser on social media, so friends and family can donate—and join in! Once you’ve registered, you can find custom social media tools and assets in your Fundraising Hub.

Read our FAQ’s below or visit your theme page for more specific FAQ’s

When making a donation, you have the option to share your donation amount to the public or choose to be anonymous by checking the appropriate box online. If you choose to be anonymous, your donation information is only visible to SKF staff, the event organizer/team captain and page creator.

For additional inquiries please email us at and a representative will get back to you.

To minimize administrative costs, paper tax receipts are issued for donations of $20 or greater. For online donations, e-tax receipts do not have a minimum donation.

Yes. You will receive a tax receipt for one-time donations of $20 or more. For online donations, e-tax receipts are sent right away. Tax receipts for monthly donations are mailed in February.

A "receipt" refers to any document issued by the Foundation to confirm that it received something from another party. A "charitable receipt" is for income tax purposes and allows donors to reduce their income tax. "Gift confirmations" are issued by the Foundation to donors to confirm a gift where a "charitable receipt" is not warranted.

SickKids is both a local children’s hospital and a global leader in paediatric health-care. We treat broken arms and appendicitis, rare brain cancers and fetal heart defects. Our patients come from across the city, province and country, and even the world for treatments not available in their home community. For children and families in medical crisis, we are a beacon of hope. We’ve always been on the frontlines in the fight for child health, but today our biggest battle is against the limits of an old building. At a time when patient volume and disease complexity are increasing, SickKids stands at a critical crossroads, severely limited in our ability to provide state-of-the-art care in an antiquated building.