Bake, barbecue, or make lemonade—and give the proceeds to SickKids.

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Need some inspiration? Here’s how some of our fundraisers are supporting SickKids.


No, and we are grateful for all funds raised by the community!

Funds raised go towards the areas of greatest need and greatest promise at the hospital. That includes advancing Precision Child Health in every area at SickKids, supporting groundbreaking research, and forging partnerships to improve care for more children, both here and around the world.

As much as we’d love to come to every event, we can’t guarantee a SickKids representative will always be there. But even when we can’t make it, we will still provide tools and supportive materials to help you deliver impact to your participants.

While we can’t provide funding to run the event, we can help you find ways to offset event expenses and fundraise.

Once you have registered your fundraiser, you may access our In Support of SickKids logo & brand guidelines in your Fundraising Hub. The In Support of SickKids logo may be used on promotional materials for your event, but before printing or distributing, please send to your SickKids representative for a quick review. If you’re hosting a corporate event, your SickKids representative will share logo usage options with you.

While we can’t approach corporations or people on your behalf, we can give you tools and resources—including sample sponsorship packages—to make the ask yourself. This can be found in your Fundraising Hub once you’ve registered your fundraiser.

Gaming and lotteries—including bingo, 50/50 draws, gambling, raffles and games of chance—often require licenses. (For more information, visit www.agco.on.ca.) We recommend you hold a promotional draw instead. You can run do so without a license, but you must offer the tickets for a suggested minimum donation instead of a fixed amount. Please note that SickKids Foundation will not obtain licenses on your behalf.

Please mail to the following address, and accompany funds with Your Name, Fundraiser/Event Name, Donor First Name & Last Name or Company Name, Donor E-mail & Address, & Donation Amount.

SickKids Foundation
Attn: SickKids Go Fundraise
525 University Avenue Suite 835
Toronto, ON M5G 2L3

For additional inquiries please email us at fundraise@sickkidsfoundation.com and a representative will get back to you.

When you donate, your name, donation amount, mailing address and email address will be visible/accessible to SickKids Foundation staff, the event organizer/team captain and page creator.

Precision Child Health (PCH) is the future of children's healthcare, and SickKids is leading the way. PCH is the end of healthcare based on the 'average' child; it's SickKids focussing precisely on everything that makes each individual patient who they are from their postal code to their genetic code to do three big things: diagnose faster, treat smarter, and predict better. Delivering care that's as unique as every child requires funding. You'll be giving brilliant doctors, nurses, and researchers the equipment they need; supporting data analytics that will lead to better prediction and prevention of disease; and assisting in the development of even more personalized surgical and treatment techniques to make every kid a healthy kid.