Honour a loved one by creating an In Memory page or donate to an existing page.



There are many ways to memorialize a loved one and support SickKids.






Thanks for taking the first step towards creating a tribute page for your loved one in support of SickKids. To help their legacy live on, friends and family members can easily create In Memory or Celebration of Life donation pages.

For help building your page, click here or visit our Resource Centre for more helpful information.

Making a donation in someone's memory is a way to honour and memorialize a loved one in a meaningful way to let others know you care.

Getting a plaque on the wall to honour a loved one is a great way to build a legacy. Individuals or family foundations need to raise $25,000 total over their lifetime of giving in order to get a plaque on the wall.

In order for an individual or family to get a plaque on the Donor Wall , they need to raise $25,000 total over their lifetime of giving.

To help you reach your $25,000 goal you can also host an event to collect donations to honour a loved one. Please contact for assistance".

The message you write is very personal and can include whatever you would like that is meaningful to you about your loved one and that you would like to share:

Your page can include things like:

  • Special memories, life achievements, talents, hobbies, passions
  • Any special unique qualities that the individual was known for among family and friends i.e. their laugh, smile, positive attitude etc.
  • Lessons he/she may have taught you that have impacted your life
  • A goodbye close i.e. (individuals name) will never be forgotten and will forever be in our hearts

Below are a few examples of what can be used;

  • The family requests sending memorial donations to SickKids Foundation "insert your memorial page link here" or call (416) 813-6166 to make a donation
  • In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations be sent to SickKids Foundation. Please make an online gift to "insert your page link here" or call (416) 813-6166 to make a donation

Unrestricted donations are preferred and gives us the flexibility to deploy funds of greatest needs, but yes, you may request that the donations raised for your page be directed to a specific fund or area in the Hospital. Please note, your fund or designation must be currently established by SickKids Foundation in order for your gifts to be processed.

To ensure the donations you receive on your fundraising page are correctly designated, please ensure your fund designation request has been approved by a fund specialist before proceeding to fundraise with your new page. Donations received in advance of the fund being approved by SickKids will be directed towards the most critical needs of the Hospital.

If you have any questions or would like to request a fund designation for your page, please email,

When making a donation, you have the option to share your donation amount to the public or choose to be anonymous by checking the appropriate box online. If you choose to be anonymous, your donation information is only visible to SickKids Foundation staff, the event organizer/team captain and page creator.

Please click the "Log In" button. Use the same credentials you created when you created your page. From the Fundraising Hub you can also access other tools to help you.

Yes, it's a great way to inform family and friends of your In Memory donation page and will help you to collect donations for your loved one easily. Please go to your Fundraising Hub for more information.

When you donate, your name, donation amount, mailing address and email address will be visible/accessible to SickKids Foundation staff, the event organizer/team captain and page creator.